Howell Rebels Youth Football
Team Introduction
Flag Football

Spring NFL Flag FAQ

When Does It Start & End ?

The Games will Start April 14, Teams will Try To get In A few Practices before the first game.

The Season will end around Mid June 

When Do We Play ?

We will Play Friday Evening with the younger teams playing first then the older teams.

Where Do We Play ?

We have partnered with Jackson AYFC and play our games there.

Will We Need To Purchase anything ?

The NFL Brenned Jersey is Included with Your Fees , The only thing you will need is a mouth guard.

How Much Time Do They Practice ?

It is up to the Coach but there are no mandatory practice, Each Team will try to get in a few before the first game.

Fall Season Tackle & Flag Football FAQ

When Does The Season Start ?

League rules state Tackle Football can start Practicing on July 24, Flag football will start on or about August 7 , however we can also have non-mandatory football camps and clinics anytime.

How long is the season ?

The season will last until November with games starting the last week of August and every team will play 8-10 games. 

What Equipment is needed for tackle football ?

We provide/loan a Helmet, Shoulder pads, Rib guards, practice and game pants with pads. You will need to purchase cleats, mouth guard under garments and a cup.

Can we use our own equipment ?

Absolutely !

Are there any other fees ?

Yes you are required to purchase a football jersey, typically it will $65 and is your to keep. 

Where are practices ?

We practice at Bear Swamp Park on Maxim Rd.

How often do teams practice ?

Tackle teams Typically Practice 4 times a week for 2 1/2 hours before school starts and 3 time a week after schools starts. Flag teams typically practice 3 times a week before school starts and 1-2 after schools starts.

When Are Tackle Games Played ?

Games can be played typically Saturday afternoon and and Sunday.

When is Flag Games Played ?

Flag games are played during the week in the evening typically on Wednesday.

Does every player make it onto a team ?

Absolutely, There are no try outs and we can have a maximum of 36 players per team, typically we will split rosters at 36 and and will make two teams at one level.

Will my child get playing time ?

Players are Guaranteed a minimum number plays per game based on team size and level.  This is checked each game by volunteers from both teams. Players earn more playing time as they learn the game and improve their football skills.

Howell Rebels Youth Football

Howell Rebels Youth Football is dedicated to providing the greatest football experience for every athlete regardless of there age and ability. Our Mission is to build successful athletes with confidence, strong character, leadership skills and with a emphasis on learning, playing, and enjoying the sport and by stressing the importance of academic achievement and community involvement and to have fun in a competitive supervised environment. To prepare the athlete to face the future with sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, positive aspirations, academic preparedness and confidence. Our volunteer coaches are experienced, certified and dedicated to coach the fundamentals of flag football and contact-tackle football and get the athlete ready for High School football.

Football Programs

Spring Flag Football April Through June Played Friday Nights For Ages 6 - 14 Years Old. 

Flag Football For Ages 5 & 6 Played on Wednesday Evenings From August Through October.

Tackle Football Instructional 7 & Under  and 8 & Under.

Tackle Football Competitive 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 14U

We Have Teams At All Levels, Everyone Plays Where they Belong , The way Football Should Be Played !

We Play in the NJAYF league with 38 other local towns, Jackson Jaguars, Wall Knights, Brick United , Tom's River Warriors, Freehold Revolution, Manalapan Braves ECT , Just to name a few of the 38 Towns we play every season 

Tackle Football Levels

Tiny Mite 7U ( Age 7  & Under  )

Mighty Mite 8U (Age 8 & Under ) 

9U ( Age 9 & Under ) 

10U ( Age 10 & Under )

11U ( Age 11 & Under  )

12U ( Age 12 & Under  )

14U ( Age 14 & Under

No High School Players Allowed

Flag Jersey Size